The Best of the Sea with Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

thalasso spa bahrainSofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa brings forth the best of spa care to offer you unrivalled treatments with lasting positive effects. It is a place to give yourself over to enjoyment, share with the experts there and let the individual care adapted to suit your needs gently bring you to better health, improved well-being or a trimmer figure.

Thalassa sea & spa is the wellness brand from the Accor Hospitality whose one aim is to provide the best innovative sea water therapy experience. It helps you to take care of your body, to lastingly protect it through a comprehensive approach that combines therapy, sports activities and healthy diet through the use of sea water and aquatic plants.

Like a real concentrate of life, the sea contains all the trace elements, minerals and vitamins that are vital to the balance of our organs. These virtues have long been recognized and exploited by man. The ancient Greeks would bathe in hot sea water to relieve their aching joints and the Romans used the soothing properties of sea mud at a very early stage. Over and above its benefits, thalassotherapy is also a unique opportunity to replenish body and soul deep-down, to enjoy a break of well-being and pleasure.

Situated on the west coast of Bahrain, Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa is a luxurious establishment offering guests a paradise setting in which to enjoy an idyllic stay. It is located in a protected area with crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. The spa provides the ultimate in thalassotherapy and wellbeing and is the place to go to relax and rejuvenate, to pamper body and soul and recuperate from the hassles and stresses of modern life.

The Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa is the first hotel within the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to offer thalassotherapy. The extensive Thalassa Sea & Spa complex covers 2,000 square meters. It is designed with the utmost care to ensure privacy and tranquility for every guest. Its sea side location helps to enhance a feeling of escape and promote perfect harmony between body and mind.

The complex features 14 treatment rooms (6 for dry treatments and 8 for wet treatments) which are a perfect reflection of its natural surroundings and combine seawater hydrotherapy, massages and Wellness programs. It boasts cutting edge seawater hydrotherapy pool, a freshwater pool, saunas, steam rooms, hairdresser for men and beauty salon for women, as well as a recreation and yoga studio.

A specialized dietitian will be dedicated to advise general body condition; body mass index, and tailor-made fitness programs. A cardio-training room with the latest state-of-the-art Technogym equipment is available for fitness fans who want to work out, shape up and test their stamina. Guests can practise dancing, stretching, yoga or the latest trend such as Swiss Ball or Gym Body Barre in the three brand new gymnasiums

Thalassa Sea & Spa, the forerunner of Thalasso therapy in France, was the first to harness the exceptional qualities of the marine environment to make lasting well-being available to all. With a permanent focus on purity, the sea-water used in the Thalassa Sea & Spa is taken from the deep waters of the open sea, filtered then heated to 33°C to promote the relaxation of muscles, stimulate the blood-flow and help the absorption of active ingredients.

The sea plants, highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals, are associated with the virtues of sea water in the form of body wraps on your skin. The skilled and attentive Thalassa Sea & Spa teams (consisting of hydro-therapists, masseurs/physiotherapists, beauticians and health-food experts) provide you with the very best of the sea by administering quality and personalized therapy.

The Thalassa sea & spa Beauty area has its own brand of cosmetics, Aquascience and skinceuticals- concocted from 100% natural ingredients, combining the benefits of marine spring water with the recognized virtues of seaweed and oligo-elements The product draws its richness and effectiveness from the Marine environment. This line of treatments features cosmetics for the face, body, Shower and bath for both genders. All designed to prolong the pleasure and sheer experience of your Thalasso therapy stay.

The Beauty Centre also offers guests a wide range of facial and body treatments, as well as soothing relaxation treatments, such as the four-hands massage and head massage.

Some of Thalasso therapy star treatments include;

Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpool bath of the whole body performed using multiple jets in a bath-tub. Sea plants and essential oils with relaxing or circulatory properties may also be added. Some tubs are fitted with a chromo therapy system (alternating colors) which accentuates the relaxing effects according to the properties of each color. Ideal to replenish the body, loosen the muscles and relax.

Affusion Shower

In a lying position, your body receives a fine shower of sea-water combined with a gentle sweeping action. This treatment promotes physical and mental relaxation because it works on the skin’s nerve ends and replenishes through the absorption of trace elements. It is ideal for soothing action in cases of nervousness, overwork or extreme fatigue.

Jet Shower

The hydro-therapist massages each part of the body with a jet of seawater. Depending on the effects you are looking for, the temperature of the water and the power and tempo of the jet will vary. It is deal to tone, sculpt, improve the blood flow and relax.

Underwater Shower

In a bath-tub filled with sea-water, the hydro-therapist massages the whole body with a jet, dwelling on each area. This is a sculpture massage that relaxes, shapes and drains. It is ideal for stiff muscles and joints, heavy legs and cellulite.

Sea-Plant Wrap

After the application of a warm sea-plant cream, you are wrapped and covered in a blanket, like in a cocoon, to facilitate perspiration and the absorption of mineral salts and trace elements. Laminarian sea-plant is a fabulous way to replenish the organism and to relieve pain and aching joints.

Hydro jet

Lying on a water mattress, the body is massaged by powerful moving jets which move up from the feet to the head. It is ideal to relax the muscles deep-down, to get rid of stress and combat fatigue.

Underwater Jet

This in-pool therapy combines simple movements with massages in front of a jet. This helps to work each muscle deep-down and provides instant overall relaxation. Ideal to drain, shape the figure and help recover greater mobility of the joints and muscles.

Affusion Sculpture Massage

A multi-sensorial experience: a relaxing manual massage with a balm of essential oils under a fine shower of tiny drops of sea-water that reproduce the effects of sea spray. It is ideal to release tightened muscles, to soften the skin and to relax.

Pressure therapy

Inflatable boots help drain the system by very light compressions from the feet to the thighs. The Cool Tinning Gel for Legs from our Marine Cosmetics Line adds fresh coolness and boosts this treatment’s effectiveness.

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