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Apprendre l’arabe à Dubai avec Golden Age Institute

Comme vous le savez, la langue arabe est importante à Dubaï et dans le reste des Emirats Arabes unis. Golden Age Institute, vous offre la possibilité d’apprendre la langue Arabe Moderne, ainsi que les Dialectes Syro-Libanais, Emirati, Calligraphie, Business arabic et Islamic Arabic à Dubai, au travers de cours d’arabe et d’exercices simples, qui vous aideront pas à pas, dans votre apprentissage.

Golden Age Institute offre l’opportunité d’apprendre l’Arabe en immersion aux Emirats Arabes Unis à Dubaï. Les cours sont ouverts pour tous les niveaux (Débutant, Intermédiaire, Avancé, Expert). Vous intégrerez un groupe qui correspondra à votre niveau actuel d’arabe. Pour en savoir plus: rendez-vous sur leur site

About Golden Age Institute
Golden Age Institute is a specialist Arabic language institute located in Dubai with courses designed to Dubai residents, Corporates and Dubai visitors.
Many reasons to learn Arabic with us:
1. We are a Specialist Arabic language institute for non-native Arabic speakers for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert).
2. All our Teachers are not only native Arabic speakers but also qualified and experienced Arabic Language teachers.
3. We teach Modern Standard Arabic based on a reputed method for non-native speakers used by numerous institutes and universities worldwide.
4. We teach multiple speciality courses based on Arabic language, such as: Levantine Arabic (Syro-Lebanese), Business Arabic, Arabic for Kids, Arabic Calligraphy, Grammar, Spoken Arabic, Islamic Arabic and more.
5. Courses are taught in total immersion as we explain Arabic in Arabic and minimum use of English while we use various materials (Video, Audio, Flash cards and more).
6. Small groups: Group classes are given on average to 8 students per class and do not exceed 14 students.
7. We offer Flexible timings and various Programs (Evening, Week end, Private, Semi-Private, Specialities, Immersion, Corporate, Summer Camp)
8. We are Easily accessible in 506 Swiss Tower – Cluster Y – JLT and Dubai Marina metro station
9. We offer many courses over an Academic year that provides the regularity, frequency and depth required to learn a language permanently.
10. Competitive prices