Interview with mountaineer Une Prestholt

We go to meet a great mountaineer from Norway and also a member of the EXPLORE team. Une Prestholt always has a new project of adventure in a corner of his head. Meeting with an adventuress of modern times.

La Rando : In a few words, who are you?
Une Prestholt : Im Une Prestholt, a 41 year young girl from Norway! Work within healtcare, and also do some guiding on Kilimanjaro and Everest region in Himalaya.

La Rando : Where does your passion for adventure come from?
Une Prestholt : My passion for adventure came when i was young. Both my parents where from the mountain side in Norway, and when they sudenly died in 2004, i wanted to go back to nature. In year 2000 i was also paralysed, so was in a weelchair for 1 week, and had serious training for many months to Get up on my feet again. Still i have something in my central nerve system, they dont find out About. I dont have Any feeling of warm/cold/hurts in my left foot, and lack of muscles in my right foot! But in my head- nothing is impossible! This is why i do mountainering, to push my boundries and never Give up!! Startes with Kilimanjaro in 2012, and after that ive climbed Island Peak 5 times, AMA Dablam, manaslu and latest this year Mount Everest!

La Rando : What is your favorite life experience?
Une Prestholt : I must admit that reaching Mount Everest is the biggest of them all 🙂

La Rando : What are your plans?
Une Prestholt : My next plan is Lhotse, which Will be in spring 2018.

La Rando : To all the members of La Rando who bring us closer, and we advise you for your dream?
Une Prestholt : Just Explore, and dont be afraid…. Its never to late to start exploring new things